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In vitro and in vivo toxicity assessment of nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Kumar, Vinay; Sharma, Neha; Maitra, S. S.

Interaction of biomedical nanoparticles with the pulmonary immune systemThis result set contains:

Blank, Fabian; Fytianos, Kleanthis; Seydoux, Emilie; Rodriguez-Lorenzo, Laura; Petri-Fink, Alke; et al.

Magnesium stents – fundamentals, biological implications and applications beyond coronary arteriesThis result set contains:

Bartosch, Marco; Schubert, Stephan; Berger, Felix

99mTc(I) carbonyl-radiolabeled lipid based drug carriers for temozolomide delivery and bioevaluation by in vitro and in vivoThis result set contains:

Arı, Kadir; Uçar, Eser; İçhedef, Çiğdem; Yurt Kılçar, Ayfer; Medine, Emin İlker; et al.

Multifunctional graphene oxide for bioimaging: emphasis on biological researchThis result set contains:

Hwang, Do Won; Hong, Byung Hee; Lee, Dong Soo

Radio-nanomaterials for biomedical applications: state of the artThis result set contains:

Lu, Weifei; Hong, Hao; Cai, Weibo

Toxicity assessment of nanoparticles in various systems and organsThis result set contains:

Yang, Yuan; Qin, Zhen; Zeng, Wei; Yang, Ting; Cao, Yubin; et al.

Toxicological Issues of Nanoparticles Employed in PhotocatalysisThis result set contains:

Wagner, Stefanie; Bloh, Jonathan; Kasper, Cornelia; Bahnemann, Detlef