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Hormonal and organ-specific dysfunction induced by the interaction between titanium dioxide nanoparticles and salicylic acid in male miceThis result set contains:

El-Shenawy, Nahla S.; Al-Harbi, Mohammad S.; Al hamayani, Fatimah F.E.

Microphysiological system for heart tissue – going from 2D to 3D cultureThis result set contains:

Busek, Mathias; Schubert, Mario; Guan, Kaomei; Sonntag, Frank; Schmieder, Florian; et al.

Toxicological effect of TiO2 nanoparticle-induced myocarditis in miceThis result set contains:

Hong, Fashui; Wang, Ling; Yu, Xiaohong; Zhou, Yingjun; Hong, Jie; et al.