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Diatoms – A “Green” Way to Biosynthesize Gold-Silica Nanocomposites?This result set contains:

Pytlik, Nathalie; Butscher, Daniel; Machill, Susanne; Brunner, Eike

Einsatz von Gold-Nanopartikeln zur molekularen Detektion: Nachweisprinzipien und Anwendungsfelder This result set contains:

Möller, Robert; Csaki, Andrea; Fritzsche, Wolfgang

Femtomolar detection of nucleic acid based on functionalized gold nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Huang, Jiaoqi ; Zhang, Yang ; Lin, Zhongquan ; Liu, Wei ; Chen, Xueping ; et al.

Functional Application of Noble Metal Nanoparticles In Situ Synthesized on Ramie FibersThis result set contains:

Tang, Bin; Yao, Ya; Li, Jingliang; Qin, Si; Zhu, Haijin; et al.

Luminescent tracks of high-energy photoemitted electrons accelerated by plasmonic fields This result set contains:

Vece, Marcel DI; Giannakoudakis, Giorgos; Bjørkøy, Astrid; Tang, Wingjohn

The role of biological fluid and dynamic flow in the behavior and cellular interactions of gold nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Breitner, Emily K.; Hussain, Saber M.; Comfort, Kristen K.