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BMP2 gene delivery to bone mesenchymal stem cell by chitosan-g-PEI nonviral vectorThis result set contains:

Yue, Jianhui; Wu, Jun; Liu, Di; Zhao, Xiaoli; Lu, William W

Characterization of nanoparticle mediated laser transfection by femtosecond laser pulses for applications in molecular medicineThis result set contains:

Schomaker, Markus ; Heinemann, Dag ; Kalies, Stefan ; Willenbrock, Saskia ; Wagner, Siegfried ; et al.

Gold nanoparticle-based gene delivery: promises and challengesThis result set contains:

Bahadur K.C., Remant; Thapa, Bindu; Bhattarai, Narayan

Preclinical Nanomedicine Internalization of liposome nanoparticles functionalized with TrkB ligand in rat cochlear cell populationsThis result set contains:

Zou, Jing; Zhang, Ya; Zhang, Weikai; Ranjan, Sanjeev; Sood, Rohit; et al.

Therapeutic nanomedicine Polymeric nanosystems for drug and gene deliveryThis result set contains:

Amiji, Mansoor; Vlerken, Lilian Van; Devalapally, Harikrishna; Shenoy, Dinesh; Komareddy, Sushma; et al.