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Evaluation of dosimetric characteristics of graphene oxide/PVC nanocomposite for gamma radiation applicationsThis result set contains:

Feizi, Shahzad; Malekie, Shahryar; Rahighi, Reza; Tayyebi, Ahmad; Ziaie, Farhood

Investigation on Nylon 66 silicate nanocomposites modified under gamma radiationThis result set contains:

Pradhan, Rajiv; Bhattacharyya, Arnab Shanker; Pramanik, Nilay; Haldar, Ramsankar; Niyogi, Utpal Kumar; et al.

Recent Advances in Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Noble Metal Nanoparticles by Radiolysis RouteThis result set contains:

Abedini, Alam; Bakar, Ahmad Ashrif A.; Larki, Farhad; Menon, P. Susthitha; Islam, Md. Shabiul; et al.

Surface decontamination in fuel manufacture plants by chelating solution of nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Morsi, T. M.; Elbarbary, Ahmed M.; Ghobashy, Mohamed M.; Othman, Sameh H.