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Antibacterial polyamides based on a dendritic zinc-hybrid with good biocompatibility showing reduced biofilm formationThis result set contains:

Gladitz, Michael; Bauer, Janine; Brückner, Peggy; Reinemann, Stefan; Wiegand, Cornelia; et al.

Carbon Nanotubes and ElectrochemistryThis result set contains:

Esplandiu, M. J.; Pacios, M.; Bellido, E.; Valle, M. Del

Controlled Functionalization of Graphene by Oxo-addendsThis result set contains:

Eigler, Siegfried; Hirsch, Andreas

Covalent grafting of graphene oxide on functionalized macroporous silicon This result set contains:

Moretta, Rosalba; Terracciano, Monica; Dardano, Principia; Casalino, Maurizio; Rea, Ilaria; et al.

Epoxy-based nanocomposites with amine modified single walled carbon nanotubesThis result set contains:

Petrea, Celina-Maria; Andronescu, Corina; Pandele, Andreea Madalina; Garea, Sorina Alexandra; Iovu, Horia

Facile and sustainable functionalization of graphene layers with pyrrole compoundsThis result set contains:

Barbera, Vincenzina; Bernardi, Andrea; Palazzolo, Alberto; Rosengart, Alessandro; Brambilla, Luigi; et al.