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Closed-loop conductance scanning tunneling spectroscopy: demonstrating the equivalence to the open-loop alternativeThis result set contains:

Hellenthal, Chris; Sotthewes, Kai; Siekman, Martin; Kooij, E. Stefan; Zandvliet, Harold

Debye function analysis of nanocrystalline gallium oxide γ-Ga2O3 This result set contains:

Nikulina, Olga; Yatsenko, Dmitriy; Bulavchenko, Olga; Zenkovets, Galina; Tsybulya, Sergey

Fast time-resolved pair distribution function studies of supported gold nanoparticle formationThis result set contains:

Zhao, Haiyan; Chupas, Peter J.; Chapman, Karena W.

Influence of the local structure in phase-change materials on their dielectric permittivityThis result set contains:

Shportko, Kostiantyn V; Venger, Eugen F

Local atomic structure in disordered and nanocrystalline catalytic materialsThis result set contains:

Dmowski, Wojtek; Egami, Takeshi; Swider-Lyons, Karen E.; Yan, Wen-Fu; Dai, Sheng; et al.

Purcell factor and local intensity enhancement in surface-enhanced Raman scatteringThis result set contains:

Maslovski, Stanislav I. ; Simovski, Constantin R.