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Metal-induced energy transferThis result set contains:

Gregor, Ingo ; Chizhik, Alexey ; Karedla, Narain ; Enderlein, Jörg

Optical and electrical mappings of surface plasmon cavity modesThis result set contains:

Ye, Fan; Merlo, Juan M.; Burns, Michael J.; Naughton, Michael J.

Overview about the localization of nanoparticles in tissue and cellular context by different imaging techniquesThis result set contains:

Ostrowski, Anja; Nordmeyer; Boreham; Holzhausen; Mundhenk; et al.

Streptavidin functionalized polymer nanodots fabricated by visible light lithographyThis result set contains:

Wolfesberger, Clemens; Wollhofen, Richard; Buchegger, Bianca; Jacak, Jaroslaw; Klar, Thomas A