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Enhancing the thermoelectric figure of merit in engineered graphene nanoribbonsThis result set contains:

Sadeghi, Hatef; Sangtarash, Sara; Lambert, Colin

Preparation and Properties of Double-Sided AgNWs/PVC/AgNWs Flexible Transparent Conductive Film by Dip-Coating ProcessThis result set contains:

Chen, Cui-yu; Jing, Mao-xiang; Pi, Zhi-chao; Zhu, Sheng-wen; Shen, Xiang-qian

Promises and challenges of nanoplasmonic devices for refractometric biosensingThis result set contains:

Dahlin, Andreas B.; Wittenberg, Nathan J.; Höök, Fredrik; Oh, Sang-Hyun

Thermoelectric Properties of Nano-Meso-Micro β-MnO2 Powders as a Function of Electrical ResistanceThis result set contains:

Hedden, Morgan; Francis, Nick; Haraldsen, Jason T; Ahmed, Towfiq; Constantin, Costel