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Atomic force microscopy as analytical tool to study physico-mechanical properties of intestinal cellsThis result set contains:

Schimpel, Christa; Werzer, Oliver; Fröhlich, Eleonore; Leitinger, Gerd; Absenger-Novak, Markus; et al.

Elastic filaments from thermoplastic polyurethanes for application in highly elastic mesh implantsThis result set contains:

Schuster, Philipp; Kossel, Klas-Moritz; Lambertz, Andreas; Marginus Vogels, Ruben Raoul; Klink, Christian Daniel; et al.

Non-linear Frequency Response and Stability Analysis of Piezoelectric Nanoresonator Subjected to Electrostatic Excitation This result set contains:

Hashemi Kachapi, Sayyid H.; Dardel, Morteza; Mohamadi daniali, Hamidreza; Fathi, Alireza

Nonlocal elasticity theory for graphene modeling and simulation: prospects and challengesThis result set contains:

Liew, K. M.; Zhang, Yang; Zhang, L. W.

Surface effects at the nanoscale based on Gurtin’s theory: a reviewThis result set contains:

Liu, Jianlin; Wu, Runni; Xia, Re

Wedge disclination dipole in an embedded nanowire within the surface/interface elasticityThis result set contains:

Shodja, Hossein M.; Rezazadeh-Kalehbasti, Shaghayegh; Gutkin, Mikhail Yu