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Bioorthogonal chemistries for nanomaterial conjugation and targetingThis result set contains:

Rahim, Maha K.; Kota, Rajesh; Lee, Sumi; Haun, Jered B.

Detection of residual rifampicin in urine via fluorescence quenching of gold nanoclusters on paperThis result set contains:

Chatterjee, Krishnendu; Kuo, Chiung Wen; Chen, Ann; Chen, Peilin

Development of microfluidic LED sensor platformThis result set contains:

Kim, Tae Hyeon; Lee, Jong Min; Chung, Bong Hyun; Chung, Bong Geun

Directional surface plasmon-coupled emission of tilted-tip enhanced spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Meng, Lingyan; Yang, Zhilin

Einsatz von Gold-Nanopartikeln zur molekularen Detektion: Nachweisprinzipien und Anwendungsfelder This result set contains:

Möller, Robert; Csaki, Andrea; Fritzsche, Wolfgang

A Facile One-Pot Synthesis of Au/Cu2O Nanocomposites for Nonenzymatic Detection of Hydrogen PeroxideThis result set contains:

Chen, Ting; Tian, Liangliang; Chen, Yuan; Liu, Bitao; Zhang, Jin

Femtomolar detection of nucleic acid based on functionalized gold nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Huang, Jiaoqi ; Zhang, Yang ; Lin, Zhongquan ; Liu, Wei ; Chen, Xueping ; et al.

Influence of spurious resonances on the interaction force in dynamic AFMThis result set contains:

Costa, Luca; Rodrigues, Mario