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The antimicrobial activity of free and immobilized poly (diallyldimethylammonium) chloride in nanoparticles of poly (methylmethacrylate)This result set contains:

Sanches, Luccas Missfeldt; Petri, Denise Freitas Siqueira; de Melo Carrasco, Letícia Dias; Carmona-Ribeiro, Ana Maria

Characterization and modeling of nanotips fabricated in the field ion microscopeThis result set contains:

Ali, Ahmed; Barada, Hassan; Rezeq, Moh’d

Characterization of magnetic nanoparticle systems with respect to their magnetic particle imaging performanceThis result set contains:

Ludwig, Frank; Eberbeck, Dietmar; Löwa, Norbert; Steinhoff, Uwe; Wawrzik, Thilo; et al.

Characterization of nylon 6/11/montmorillonite nanocomposites prepared by in situ copolymerizationThis result set contains:

Zhang, Yunsheng; Hu, Guosheng; Wang, Biaobing

Charge carrier mobility and electronic properties of Al(Op)3: impact of excimer formationThis result set contains:

Magri, Andrea; Friederich, Pascal; Schäfer, Bernhard; Fattori, Valeria; Sun, Xiangnan; et al.

Damage assessment of random multiwalled carbon nanotube-reinforced polymer nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Kada, Belkacem; Algarni, Abdullah; Bourchak, Mostefa; Nahas, Mahmoud N.