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Collagen/silica nanocomposites and hybrids for bone tissue engineeringThis result set contains:

Sarker, Bapi; Lyer, Stefan; Arkudas, Andreas; Boccaccini, Aldo R.

Nanosilver: an inorganic nanoparticle with myriad potential applicationsThis result set contains:

Rai, Mahendra; Birla, Sonal; Ingle, Avinash P.; Gupta, Indarchand; Gade, Aniket; et al.

Preparation and characterization of nano biphasic calcium phosphate/poly-L-lactide composite scaffoldThis result set contains:

Yang, Weizhong; Yi, Yong; Ma, Yuan; Zhang, Li; Gu, Jianwen; et al.