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Development of a novel nanoindentation technique by utilizing a dual-probe AFM systemThis result set contains:

Cinar, Eyup; Sahin, Ferat; Yablon, Dalia

Mediated Electron Transfer at Vertically Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Electrodes During Detection of DNA HybridizationThis result set contains:

Wallen, Rachel; Gokarn, Nirmal; Bercea, Priscila; Grzincic, Elissa; Bandyopadhyay, Krisanu

Nanomechanical humidity detection through porous alumina cantileversThis result set contains:

Boytsova, Olga; Klimenko, Alexey; Lebedev, Vasiliy; Lukashin, Alexey; Eliseev, Andrey

Optical force microscopy: combining light with atomic force microscopy for nanomaterial identificationThis result set contains:

Jahan, Nusrat ; Wang, Hanwei ; Zhao, Shensheng ; Dutta, Arkajit ; Huang, Hsuan-Kai ; et al.

Optically induced forces in scanning probe microscopyThis result set contains:

Kohlgraf-Owens, Dana C.; Sukhov, Sergey; Greusard, Léo; De Wilde, Yannick; Dogariu, Aristide

A scanning probe microscope for magnetoresistive cantilevers utilizing a nested scanner design for large-area scansThis result set contains:

Meier; Förste; Tavassolizadeh; Rott; Meyners; et al.

Shortening and dispersion of single-walled carbon nanotubes upon interaction with mixed supramolecular compoundsThis result set contains:

Jagusiak, Anna; Piekarska, Barbara; Chłopaś, Katarzyna; Bielańska, Elzbieta; Pańczyk, Tomasz

Tattoo ink nanoparticles in skin tissue and fibroblastsThis result set contains:

Grant, Colin; Twigg; Baker, Richard; Tobin