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Adsorption of humic acid and Eu(III) to multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Effect of pH, ionic strength and counterion effectThis result set contains:

Fan, Q. H.; Shao, D. D.; Hu, J.; Chen, C. L.; Wu, W. S.; et al.

Conformal SiO2 coating of sub-100 nm diameter channels of polycarbonate etched ion-track channels by atomic layer depositionThis result set contains:

Sobel, Nicolas; Hess, Christian; Lukas, Manuela; Spende, Anne; Stühn, Bernd; et al.

Influence of ultrasonic cavitation on microstructure and mechanical response of an aluminum/alumina nanocompositeThis result set contains:

Mohanty, Pragyan; Mishra, Dilip Kumar; Varma, Shikha; Mishra, Kampal; Padhi, Payodhar

Self-assembled anchor layers/polysaccharide coatings on titanium surfaces: a study of functionalization and stabilityThis result set contains:

Pop-Georgievski, Ognen; Kubies, Dana; Zemek, Josef; Neykova, Neda; Demianchuk; et al.

Surface Analysis of Nanoscale Aluminium and Silicon Films Made by Electrodeposition in Ionic LiquidsThis result set contains:

Bebensee, Fabian; Borissenko, Natalia; Frerichs, Martin; Höfft, Oliver; Maus-Friedrichs, Wolfgang; et al.

Surface characterization of trimethoxysilane-containing high-solid hydroxyl acrylic resin filmsThis result set contains:

Zhu, Fang; Zhang, Gaoyong; Hong, Xinlin; Dong, Jinfeng