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Adsorption of Th(IV) on the modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes using central composite designThis result set contains:

Endes Yılmaz, Cansu; Aslani, Mahmoud A.A.; Kütahyalı Aslani, Ceren

Carbon Nanotubes Coated Paper as Current Collectors for Secondary Li-ion BatteriesThis result set contains:

Ventrapragada, Lakshman K. ; Creager, Stephen E. ; Rao, Apparao M. ; Podila, Ramakrishna

Corrosion characteristics of an automotive coolant formulation dispersed with nanomaterialsThis result set contains:

Gandham, Sriganesh; Nettem, V. Choudhary; Peddy, V.C. Rao; T. A., Rajiv Kumar; Vadapalli, Srinivas

Effect of defects on the motion of carbon nanotube thermal actuatorThis result set contains:

Lin, Xiaotian ; Han, Qiang ; Huang, Jianzhang

Influence of the incorporation of different chemically functionalized carbon nanotubes in polyurethane resin applied on aluminumThis result set contains:

Gobbi, Gabriela ; Rossa Beltrami, Lilian Vanessa ; Zattera, Ademir José

Investigation of Nanomaterial Dipoles for SAR Reduction in Human HeadThis result set contains:

Jemima Priyadarshini, S.; Jude Hemanth, D.

Mechanical characterizations of braided composite stents made of helical polyethylene terephthalate strips and NiTi wiresThis result set contains:

Zheng, Qingli ; Dong, Pengfei ; Li, Zhiqiang ; Han, Xinwei ; Zhou, Changchun ; et al.