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Annealing Effects on Structure and Optical Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Containing SilverThis result set contains:

Meškinis, Šarūnas; Čiegis, Arvydas; Vasiliauskas, Andrius; Šlapikas, Kęstutis; Gudaitis, Rimantas; et al.

Au nanostructure arrays for plasmonic applications: annealed island films versus nanoimprint lithographyThis result set contains:

Lopatynskyi, Andrii M; Lytvyn, Vitalii K; Nazarenko, Volodymyr I; Guo, L Jay; Lucas, Brandon D; et al.

Directional surface plasmon-coupled emission of tilted-tip enhanced spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Meng, Lingyan; Yang, Zhilin

Emerging applications of label-free optical biosensorsThis result set contains:

Zanchetta, Giuliano; Lanfranco, Roberta; Giavazzi, Fabio; Bellini, Tommaso; Buscaglia, Marco

Exploring plasmonic coupling in hole-cap arraysThis result set contains:

Schmidt, Thomas; Frederiksen, Maj; Bochenkov, Vladimir; Sutherland, Duncan

Far-field disentanglement of modes in hybrid plasmonic-photonic crystals by fluorescence nano-reportersThis result set contains:

Ungureanu, Simona; Kolaric, Branko; Chen, Jianing; Hillenbrand, Rainer; Vallée, Renaud A. L.

Fourier-transform spatial modulation spectroscopy of single gold nanorodsThis result set contains:

Kollmann, Heiko; Esmann, Martin; Witt, Julia; Markovic, Aleksandra; Smirnov, Vladimir; et al.

High-efficiency refractive index sensor based on the metallic nanoslit arrays with gain-assisted materialsThis result set contains:

Luo, Linbao; Ge, Caiwang; Tao, Yifei; Zhu, Lie; Zheng, Kun; et al.