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Bioanalytical applications of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: de novo molecular identificationThis result set contains:

Nguyen, Anh H.; Peters, Emily A.; Schultz, Zachary D.

Bioconjugation of SERS nanotags and increasing the reproducibility of resultsThis result set contains:

Salehi, Mohammad; Hamann-Steinmeier, Angela

Charge transfer and electromagnetic enhancement processes revealed in the SERS and TERS of a CoPc thin filmThis result set contains:

Chen, Yu-Ting ; Pan, Lin ; Horneber, Anke ; van den Berg, Marius ; Miao, Peng ; et al.

Graphene-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of thymine adsorbed on single-layer grapheneThis result set contains:

Fesenko, Olena; Dovbeshko, Galyna; Dementjev, Andrej; Karpicz, Renata; Kaplas, Tommi; et al.

Green preparation and spectroscopic characterization of plasmonic silver nanoparticles using fruits as reducing agentsThis result set contains:

Ærøe Hyllested, Jes; Espina Palanco, Marta; Hagen, Nicolai; Mogensen; Kneipp, Katrin

Hollow plasmonic antennas for broadband SERS spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Messina, Gabriele; Malerba, Mario; Zilio, Pierfrancesco; Miele, Ermanno; Dipalo, Michele; et al.

In-situ electrospun aligned and maize-like AgNPs/PVA@Ag nanofibers for surface-enhanced Raman scattering on arbitrary surfaceThis result set contains:

Zhao, Xiaofei ; Li, Chonghui ; Li, Zhen ; Yu, Jing ; Pan, Jie ; et al.

Morphological and SERS Properties of Silver Nanorod Array Films Fabricated by Oblique Thermal Evaporation at Various Substrate TemperaturesThis result set contains:

Oh, Myoung-Kyu; Shin, Yong-Seok; Lee, Chang-Lyoul; De, Ranjit; Kang, Hoonsoo; et al.

Nanofabricated plasmonic nano-bio hybrid structures in biomedical detectionThis result set contains:

Zheng, Wenwei; Chiamori, Heather C.; Liu, Gang Logan; Lin, Liwei; Chen, Fanqing Frank