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Can nanotechnology potentiate photodynamic therapy?This result set contains:

Huang, Ying-Ying; Sharma, Sulbha K.; Dai, Tianhong; Chung, Hoon; Yaroslavsky, Anastasia; et al.

Cell lysis-free quantum dot multicolor cellular imaging-based mechanism study for TNF-α-induced insulin resistanceThis result set contains:

Kim, Min Jung; Rangasamy, Sabarinathan; Shim, Yumi; Song, Joon Myong

Computational Study of the Cation-Modified GSH Peptide Interactions With Perovskite-Type BFO-(111) Membranes Under Aqueous ConditionsThis result set contains:

Bian, Liang; Dong, Fa-qin; Song, Mian-xin; Xu, Jin-bao; Zhang, Xiao-yan

Electrically Tunable Slow and Fast Light using Coherent Population Oscillations in Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical AmplifierThis result set contains:

Rostami, A.; Lotfian, A.; Yadipour, R.; Baghban, H.; Rasooli, H.

GaAs-Based Superluminescent Light-Emitting Diodes with 290-nm Emission Bandwidth by Using Hybrid Quantum Well/Quantum Dot StructuresThis result set contains:

Chen, Siming; Li, Wei; Zhang, Ziyang; Childs, David; Zhou, Kejia; et al.

Investigation of monolithic passively mode-locked quantum dot lasers with extremely low repetition frequencyThis result set contains:

Xu, Tianhong; Cao, Juncheng; Montrosset, Ivo

Low- and high-order nonlinear optical properties of Ag2S quantum dot thin filmsThis result set contains:

Fu, Yue ; Ganeev, Rashid A. ; Boltaev, Ganjaboy S. ; Maurya, Sandeep Kumar ; Kim, Vyacheslav V. ; et al.

Mapping bound plasmon propagation on a nanoscale stripe waveguide using quantum dots: influence of spacer layer thicknessThis result set contains:

Perera, Chamanei; Funston, Alison; Cheng, Han-Hao; Vernon, Kristy

Optical characterization of In-flushed InAs/GaAs quantum dots emitting a broadband spectrum with multiple peaks at ~1 μmThis result set contains:

Kitamura, Shigehiro; Senshu, Masaya; Katsuyama, Toshio; Hino, Yuji; Ozaki, Nobuhiko; et al.