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Acoustic phonons in nanowires probed by ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Mante, Pierre-Adrien; Belliard, Laurent; Perrin, Bernard

Dynamic of cold-atom tips in anharmonic potentialsThis result set contains:

Menold, Tobias; Federsel, Peter; Rogulj, Carola; Hölscher, Hendrik; Fortágh, József; et al.

Facile synthesis of fluorescent Au/Ce nanoclusters for high-sensitive bioimagingThis result set contains:

Ge, Wei; Zhang, Yuanyuan; Ye, Jing; Chen, Donghua; Rehman, Fawad Ur; et al.

Imaging vortices in superconductors: from the atomic scale to macroscopic distances This result set contains:

Guillamón, Isabel; Rodrigo, Jose Gabriel; Vieira, Sebastián; Suderow, Hermann

In situ scanning tunneling microscopy study of Ca-modified rutile TiO2(110) in bulk waterThis result set contains:

Serrano, Giulia; Bonanni, Beatrice; Kosmala, Tomasz; Di Giovannantonio, Marco; Diebold, Ulrike; et al.

Kelvin probe force microscopy in liquid using electrochemical force microscopyThis result set contains:

Collins, Liam; Jesse, Stephen; Kilpatrick, Jason; Tselev, Alexander; Okatan; et al.

Micro- and nano-scale textural and compositional zonation in plagioclase at the Black Mountain porphyry Cu deposit: Implications for magmatic processesThis result set contains:

Cao, Mingjian ; Evans, Noreen J. ; Reddy, Steven M. ; Fougerouse, Denis ; Hollings, Pete ; et al.

Multiprobe NSOM fluorescenceThis result set contains:

Berezin, Shirly; Kalanoor, Basanth S.; Taha, Hesham; Garini, Yuval; Tischler, Yaakov R.