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The application of scanning near field optical imaging to the study of human sperm morphologyThis result set contains:

Andolfi, Laura; Trevisan, Elisa; Troian, Barbara; Prato, Stefano; Boscolo, Rita; et al.

3D Hierarchical Bi2S3 Nanostructures by Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and Chloride Ion-Assisted Synthesis and Their Photodetecting PropertiesThis result set contains:

Ding, Taotao; Dai, Jiangnan; Xu, Juan; Wang, Jin; Tian, Wu; et al.

Electron beam modified nylon 6-clay nanocomposites: morphology and water absorption behaviorThis result set contains:

Chowdhury, Subhendu Ray; Francis, Sanju; Sarma, Kuppa Sivasankara

The fabrication and characterization of casein/PEO nanofibrous yarn via electrospinningThis result set contains:

Minaei, Farzaneh ; Ravandi, Seyed Abdolkarim Hosseini ; Hejazi, Sayyed Mahdi ; Alihosseini, Farzaneh

Hybrid nanocomposites based on poly aryl ether ketone, boron carbide and multi walled carbon nanotubes: evaluation of tensile, dynamic mechanical and thermal degradation propertiesThis result set contains:

Remanan, Manu; Rao, Rebbapragada Subba; Bhowmik, Shantanu; Varshney, Lalit; Abraham, Mathew; et al.