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An accurate nonlinear stochastic model for MEMS-based inertial sensor error with wavelet networksThis result set contains:

El-Diasty, Mohammed; El-Rabbany, Ahmed; Pagiatakis, Spiros

An MEMS Optical Fiber Pressure Sensor Based on a Square Silicon Diaphragm: Numerical Simulation and Experimental VerificationThis result set contains:

Li, Xue-Jin; Qiu, Cheng-Jun; Deng, Yuan-Long; Qu, Wei; He, Jun-Nan

Analysis of Residual Stress Gradient in MEMS Multi-layer StructureThis result set contains:

Qian, Jin; Zhao, Ya-Pu; Zhu, Ru-Zeng; Yu, Tong-Xi

Annealing Effect on the Adhesion of Stacked Films for MEMSThis result set contains:

Chung, Chen-Kuei; Ou, Jeng-Long; Wu, Luh-Huew; Lee, Tzong-Sheng

Biocompatibility evaluation of MEMS packaging materials for implantable devicesThis result set contains:

Baum, M.; Haubold, M.; Besser, J.; Wiemer, M.; Gessner, T.

Designing Thermally Actuated Bimorph as Energy HarvesterThis result set contains:

Bhuyan, Satyam