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Effect of ultrasonic-assisted impregnation parameters on the preparation and interfacial properties of MWCNT/glass-fiber reinforced compositesThis result set contains:

Zeng, Shaohua; Shen, Mingxia; Duan, Pengpeng; Lu, Fengling; Chen, Shangneng; et al.

Nanostructured Ceramics: Ionic Transport and Electrochemical ActivityThis result set contains:

Prutsch, Denise; Breuer, Stefan; Uitz, Marlena; Bottke, Patrick; Langer, Julia; et al.

On the femtosecond laser-induced photochemistry in silver-containing oxide glasses: mechanisms, related optical and physico-chemical properties, and technological applicationsThis result set contains:

Petit, Yannick; Danto, Sylvain; Guérineau, Théo; Abou Khalil, Alain; Le Camus, Arthur; et al.

Optical microfibers and nanofibersThis result set contains:

Wu, Xiaoqin; Tong, Limin

Transient Spectroscopy of Glass-Embedded Perovskite Quantum Dots: Novel Structures in an Old WrappingThis result set contains:

Kozlov, Oleg V.; Singh, Rohan; Ai, Bing; Zhang, Jihong; Liu, Chao; et al.

Transmission efficiency of glass fiber-filled functionally graded material-based PA66 composite spur gearsThis result set contains:

Siddhartha, Akant Kumar Singh; Singh, Prashant Kumar