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Bio-surface engineering with DNA scaffolds for theranostic applications This result set contains:

Wang, Xiwei; Lai, Wei; Ma, Tiantian; Qu, Xiangmeng; Li, Li; et al.

Carbon Nanotubes Coated Paper as Current Collectors for Secondary Li-ion BatteriesThis result set contains:

Ventrapragada, Lakshman K. ; Creager, Stephen E. ; Rao, Apparao M. ; Podila, Ramakrishna

Effect of organoclay on structure, morphology, thermal behavior and coating performance of Jatropha oil based polyesteramideThis result set contains:

Alam, Manawwer; Sharmin, Eram; Alandis, Naser M.; Ahmad, Naushad

Facile and sustainable functionalization of graphene layers with pyrrole compoundsThis result set contains:

Barbera, Vincenzina; Bernardi, Andrea; Palazzolo, Alberto; Rosengart, Alessandro; Brambilla, Luigi; et al.

Far-field disentanglement of modes in hybrid plasmonic-photonic crystals by fluorescence nano-reportersThis result set contains:

Ungureanu, Simona; Kolaric, Branko; Chen, Jianing; Hillenbrand, Rainer; Vallée, Renaud A. L.

Improved Ni and Cd Rejection in Cellulose Acetate Mixed Matrix Membranes Coated with PVA/Fe3O4This result set contains:

Nouri, Mohammad; Marjani, Azam; Tajdari, Majid; Heidary, Farhad; Salimi, Mahmoud

Jatropha seed oil derived poly(esteramide-urethane)/ fumed silica nanocomposite coatings for corrosion protectionThis result set contains:

Alam, Manawwer ; Alandis, Naser M ; Ahmad, Naushad ; Alam, Mohammad Asif ; Sharmin, Eram

Mechanical properties of Ni-nano-Al2O3 composite coatings on AISI 304 stainless steel by pulsed electrodepositionThis result set contains:

Jegan, Annamalai; Venkatesan, Rajamanickam; Arunachalam, Ramanathan