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Designing the future of nanomedicine: current barriers to targeted brain therapeuticsThis result set contains:

Herda, Luciana M.; Polo, Ester; Kelly, Philip M.; Rocks, Louise; Hudecz, Diána; et al.

The effect of nanoparticle size on the probability to cross the blood-brain barrier: an in-vitro endothelial cell modelThis result set contains:

Shilo, Malka; Sharon, Anat; Baranes, Koby; Motiei, Menachem; Lellouche, Jean-Paul M; et al.

PLA/PLGA nanoparticles for delivery of drugs across the blood-brain barrierThis result set contains:

Li, Jingyan; Sabliov, Cristina

Reproducibility in biological models of the blood-brain barrierThis result set contains:

Hudecz, Diána; Rocks, Louise; Fitzpatrick, Laurence W.; Herda, Luciana-Maria; Dawson, Kenneth A.

Unsolved Medical Problems. Blood-brain barrier in neurodegenerative diseases: perspectives for NanomedicineThis result set contains:

Süssmuth, Siɡurd D.; Landfester, Katharina; Tumani, Hayrettin; Ludolph, Albert C.; Brettschneider, Johannes