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Recent advances in “bioartificial polymeric materials” based nanovectors This result set contains:

Conte, Raffaele; Luca, Ilenia De; Valentino, Anna; Salle, Anna Di; Calarco, Anna; et al.

Removal of uranium ions from synthetic wastewater using ZnO/Na-clinoptilolite nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Aghadavoud, Azadeh; Rezaee Ebrahim Saraee, Khadijeh; Shakur, Hamid Reza; Sayyari, Rasol

Reversible thermochromic response based on photonic crystal structure in butterfly wingThis result set contains:

Wang, Wanlin; Wang, Guo Ping; Zhang, Wang; Zhang, Di

The suppression of space charge accumulation in CB/LDPE nanocomposites and its association with molecule relaxationThis result set contains:

Yan, Zhiyu; Zhao, Hong; Han, Baozhong; Yang, Jiaming; Chen, Junqi

Synthesis, thermal and magnetic behavior of iron oxide-polymer nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Suhasini, A.; Kumar, K.P. Vinod; Maiyalagan, T.

Temperature distribution in functionally graded longitudinal fins of varying geometryThis result set contains:

Subramaniam, Savita K.; Gaba, Vivek Kumar; Bhowmick, Shubhankar

Thermal Energy Transport Across Combined Films: Thermal CharacteristicsThis result set contains:

Ali, Haider; Yilbas, Bekir S.

Thermal properties This result set contains:

Dufresne, Alain