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Kontrollierte biochemische Synthese auf Metall/Halbleiter-Nanostrukturen / Controlled Biochemical Synthesis on Metal/Semiconductor NanostructuresThis result set contains:

Altebäumer, Thomas; Kern, Dieter; Ehlich, Rudolf; Hörber, Heinrich; Raschke, Markus; et al.

Label-free NIR-SERS discrimination and detection of foodborne bacteria by in situ synthesis of Ag colloidsThis result set contains:

Chen, Longyan; Mungroo, Nawfal; Daikuara, Luciana; Neethirajan, Suresh

Magnetic spectroscopy of nanoparticle Brownian motion measurement of microenvironment matrix rigidityThis result set contains:

Weaver, John B.; Rauwerdink, Kristen M.; Rauwerdink, Adam M.; Perreard, Irina M.

Manganese oxide phases and morphologies: A study on calcination temperature and atmospheric dependenceThis result set contains:

Augustin, Matthias; Fenske, Daniela; Bardenhagen, Ingo; Westphal, Anne; Knipper, Martin; et al.

Mapping bound plasmon propagation on a nanoscale stripe waveguide using quantum dots: influence of spacer layer thicknessThis result set contains:

Perera, Chamanei; Funston, Alison; Cheng, Han-Hao; Vernon, Kristy

MaterialsThis result set contains:

Rabus, Dominik G.

Measuring the intrinsic nanomechanics of molecular interactions with microcantilever sensorsThis result set contains:

Braun, Thomas; Ghatkesar, Murali Krishna

Membrane protein reconstitution in nanodiscs for luminescence spectroscopy studiesThis result set contains:

Zoghbi, Maria E.; Altenberg, Guillermo A.

MEMS sensor-based monitoring system for engineered geological disposal facilitiesThis result set contains:

Yang, Wenbin; Lunn, Rebecca; Tarantino, Alessandro