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Primary human nasal epithelial cell response to titanium surface with a nanonetwork structure in nasal implant applicationsThis result set contains:

Yang, Wei-En; Lan, Ming-Ying; Lee, Sheng-Wei; Chang, Jeng-Kuei; Huang, Her-Hsiung

Probing fibronectin–antibody interactions using AFM force spectroscopy and lateral force microscopyThis result set contains:

Kulik, Andrzej; Lekka; Lee; Pyka-Fościak; Nowak, Wieslaw

Protamine nanoparticles for improving shRNA-mediated anti-cancer effectsThis result set contains:

Liu, Ming; Feng, Bo; Shi, Yijie; Su, Chang; Song, Huijuan; et al.

Pt- and Pd-decorated MWCNTs for vapour and gas detection at room temperatureThis result set contains:

Baccar, Hamdi; Thamri, Atef; Clément, Pierrick; Llobet, Eduard; Abdelghani, Adnane

Quantitative Analysis of Single and Mix Food Antiseptics Basing on SERS Spectra with PLSR MethodThis result set contains:

Hou, Mengjing; Huang, Yu; Ma, Lingwei; Zhang, Zhengjun

Release behaviour and toxicity evaluation of levodopa from carboxylated single-walled carbon nanotubesThis result set contains:

Tan, Julia; Foo, Jhi Biau; Fakurazi, Sharida; Hussein, Mohd Zobir

The role of biological fluid and dynamic flow in the behavior and cellular interactions of gold nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Breitner, Emily K.; Hussain, Saber M.; Comfort, Kristen K.

Sorption of Th(IV) onto ZnO nanoparticles and diatomite-supported ZnO nanocomposite: kinetics, mechanism and activation parametersThis result set contains:

Yusan, Sabriye; Bampaiti, Anastasia; Erenturk, Sema; Noli, Fotini; Aslani, Mahmut A. A.; et al.

Structural transformations in austenitic stainless steel induced by deuterium implantation: irradiation at 100 KThis result set contains:

Morozov, Oleksandr; Zhurba, Volodymyr; Neklyudov, Ivan; Mats, Oleksandr; Rud, Aleksandr; et al.