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Effects of Vacuum Annealing on the Conduction Characteristics of ZnO NanosheetsThis result set contains:

Barnett, Chris J.; Smith, Nathan A.; Jones, Daniel R.; Maffeis, Thierry G. G.; Cobley, Richard J.

Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Made from High Catalytic Ability of Polypyrrole@Platinum Counter ElectrodeThis result set contains:

Ma, Xingping; Yue, Gentian; Wu, Jihuai; Lan, Zhang

Efficient forward second-harmonic generation from planar archimedean nanospirals This result set contains:

Davidson II, Roderick B.; Ziegler, Jed I.; Vargas, Guillermo; Avanesyan, Sergey M.; Gong, Yu; et al.

Electrical and Optical Properties of CeNi 5 Nanoscale Films This result set contains:

Todoran, Radu; Todoran, Daniela; Racolta, Dania; Szakács, Zsolt

Electrical Characterization of Amorphous Silicon MIS-Based Structures for HIT Solar Cell ApplicationsThis result set contains:

García, Héctor; Castán, Helena; Dueñas, Salvador; Bailón, Luis; García-Hernansanz, Rodrigo; et al.

Electrical characterization of single molecule and Langmuir–Blodgett monomolecular films of a pyridine-terminated oligo(phenylene-ethynylene) derivativeThis result set contains:

Osorio, Henrry; Martín, Santiago; López; Marqués-González, Santiago; Higgins, Simon; et al.

Electrical properties and mechanical stability of anchoring groups for single-molecule electronicsThis result set contains:

Frisenda, Riccardo; Tarkuç, Simge; Galán, Elena; Perrin, Mickael; Eelkema, Rienk; et al.

Electrical properties of single CdTe nanowiresThis result set contains:

Matei, Elena; Florica, Camelia; Costas, Andreea; Toimil-Molares; Enculescu, Ionut