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Electronic interaction in composites of a conjugated polymer and carbon nanotubes: first-principles calculation and photophysical approachesThis result set contains:

Massuyeau, Florian; Wéry, Jany; Duvail, Jean-Luc; Lefrant, Serge; Yaya, Abu; et al.

Electrospinning for nano- to mesoscale photonic structuresThis result set contains:

Skinner, Jack L.; Andriolo, Jessica M.; Murphy, John P.; Ross, Brandon M.

Electrostatic power generation using carbon-activated cotton thread on textileThis result set contains:

Kim, Baek Hyun; Barnhart, Benjamin S; Kwon, Jae W

Emerging trends in graphene carbon based polymer nanocomposites and applicationsThis result set contains:

Idumah, Christopher Igwe; Hassan, Azman

Energy Transfer in Liquid and Solid Nanoobjects: Application in Luminescent AnalysisThis result set contains:

Smirnova, T. D.; Shtykov, S. N.; Zhelobitskaya, E. A.

Engineered plasmonic Thue-Morse nanostructures for LSPR detection of the pesticide ThiramThis result set contains:

Rippa, Massimo; Castagna, Riccardo; Pannico, Marianna; Musto, Pellegrino; Tkachenko, Volodymyr; et al.

Engineering light emission of two-dimensional materials in both the weak and strong coupling regimesThis result set contains:

Brotons-Gisbert, Mauro; Martínez-Pastor, Juan P.; Ballesteros, Guillem C.; Gerardot, Brian D.; Sánchez-Royo, Juan F.

Engineering Optical Activity of Semiconductor Nanocrystals via Ion DopingThis result set contains:

Tepliakov, Nikita V.; Baimuratov, Anvar S.; Gun’ko, Yurii K.; Baranov, Alexander V.; Fedorov, Anatoly V.; et al.