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Stimuli responsive nanomaterials for controlled release applicationsThis result set contains:

Li, Song; Li, Wengang; Khashab, Niveen M.

Strategic role of nanotechnology for production of bioethanol and biodieselThis result set contains:

Rai, Mahendra; dos Santos, Júlio César; Soler, Matheus Francisco; Franco Marcelino, Paulo Ricardo; Brumano, Larissa Pereira; et al.

Surface functionalization of biomaterials with tissue-inductive artificial extracellular matricesThis result set contains:

Förster, Yvonne; Hintze, Vera; Rentsch, Claudia; Rentsch, Barbe; Bierbaum, Susanne; et al.

Synthesis and adsorption properties of chitosan-silica nanocomposite prepared by sol-gel methodThis result set contains:

Budnyak, Tetyana M; Pylypchuk, Ievgen V; Tertykh, Valentin A; Yanovska, Elina S; Kolodynska, Dorota

Synthesis and cellular uptake of superparamagnetic dextran-nanoparticles with porphyrinic motifs grafted by esterificationThis result set contains:

Lucas, Romain; Granet, Robert; Sol, Vincent; Morvan, Caroline Le; Policar, Clotilde; et al.

Synthesis, characterization, monolayer assembly and 2D lanthanide coordination of a linear terphenyl-di(propiolonitrile) linker on Ag(111)This result set contains:

Chen, Zhi; Klyatskaya, Svetlana; Urgel, José; Écija, David; Fuhr, Olaf; et al.

Tensile properties of polyformaldehyde blends and nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Liang, Ji-Zhao; Wang, Fang

Toxicity evaluation of cordycepin and its delivery system for sustained in vitro anti-lung cancer activityThis result set contains:

Aramwit, Pornanong; Porasuphatana, Supatra; Srichana, Teerapol; Nakpheng, Titpawan