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A Study of the Preparation and Properties of Antioxidative Copper Inks with High Electrical ConductivityThis result set contains:

Tsai, Chia-Yang; Chang, Wei-Chen; Chen, Guan-Lin; Chung, Cheng-Huan; Liang, Jun-Xiang; et al.

Synergic combination of the sol–gel method with dip coating for plasmonic devicesThis result set contains:

Figus, Cristiana; Patrini, Maddalena; Floris, Francesco; Fornasari, Lucia; Pellacani, Paola; et al.

Synthesis and applications of carbon nanomaterials for energy generation and storageThis result set contains:

Notarianni, Marco; Liu, Jinzhang; Vernon, Kristy; Motta, Nunzio

Thermochemically activated carbon as an electrode material for supercapacitorsThis result set contains:

Ostafiychuk, Bogdan K; Budzulyak, Ivan M; Rachiy, Bogdan I; Vashchynsky, Vitalii M; Mandzyuk, Volodymyr I; et al.

Thin film encapsulation for organic light-emitting diodes using inorganic/organic hybrid layers by atomic layer depositionThis result set contains:

Zhang, Hao; Ding, He; Wei, Mengjie; Li, Chunya; Wei, Bin; et al.

Transparent and flexible capacitors based on nanolaminate Al2O3/TiO2/Al2O3 This result set contains:

Zhang, Guozhen; Wu, Hao; Chen, Chao; Wang, Ti; Yue, Jin; et al.

Uniformly Nanopatterned Graphene Field-Effect Transistors with Enhanced PropertiesThis result set contains:

Choi, Duyoung; Kuru, Cihan; Kim, Youngjin; Kim, Gunwoo; Kim, Taekyoung; et al.

Vortex dynamics in nanofabricated chemical solution deposition high-temperature superconducting films This result set contains:

Palau, Anna; Rouco, Victor; Luccas, Roberto F.; Obradors, Xavier; Puig, Teresa

X-ray generation using carbon nanotubesThis result set contains:

Parmee, Richard J; Collins, Clare M; Milne, William I; Cole, Matthew T