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Nanoimprint lithography for nanodevice fabricationThis result set contains:

Barcelo, Steven; Li, Zhiyong

Novel 14-nm Scallop-Shaped FinFETs (S-FinFETs) on Bulk-Si SubstrateThis result set contains:

Xu, Weijia; Yin, Huaxiang; Ma, Xiaolong; Hong, Peizhen; Xu, Miao; et al.

One-Step Mask Etching Strategy Toward Ordered Ferroelectric Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 Nanodot ArraysThis result set contains:

Zhang, Xiaoyan; Kang, Mengyang; Huang, Kangrong; Zhang, Fengyuan; Lin, Sixian; et al.

Phase-change properties of GeSbTe thin films deposited by plasma-enchanced atomic layer depositonThis result set contains:

Song, Sannian; Yao, Dongning; Song, Zhitang; Gao, Lina; Zhang, Zhonghua; et al.

Rapid electrocapillary deformation of liquid metal with reversible shape retentionThis result set contains:

Gough, Ryan C; Morishita, Andy M; Dang, Jonathan H; Moorefield, Matthew R; Shiroma, Wayne A; et al.

Regulation of the forming process and the set voltage distribution of unipolar resistance switching in spin-coated CoFe2O4 thin filmsThis result set contains:

Mustaqima, Millaty; Yoo, Pilsun; Huang, Wei; Lee, Bo Wha; Liu, Chunli

Soft magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe73B7Si16Nb3Cu1 alloy after rapid heating under tensile stressThis result set contains:

Nosenko, Anton; Mika, Taras; Rudenko, Olexandr; Yarmoshchuk, Yevhenii; Nosenko, Viktor

A Study of the Preparation and Properties of Antioxidative Copper Inks with High Electrical ConductivityThis result set contains:

Tsai, Chia-Yang; Chang, Wei-Chen; Chen, Guan-Lin; Chung, Cheng-Huan; Liang, Jun-Xiang; et al.