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Electrical Characterization of Amorphous Silicon MIS-Based Structures for HIT Solar Cell ApplicationsThis result set contains:

García, Héctor; Castán, Helena; Dueñas, Salvador; Bailón, Luis; García-Hernansanz, Rodrigo; et al.

Electrical, structural, and optical properties of sulfurized Sn-doped In2O3 nanowiresThis result set contains:

Zervos, M.; Mihailescu, C. N.; Giapintzakis, J.; Othonos, A.; Travlos, A.; et al.

Electrically Tunable Slow and Fast Light using Coherent Population Oscillations in Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical AmplifierThis result set contains:

Rostami, A.; Lotfian, A.; Yadipour, R.; Baghban, H.; Rasooli, H.

Electro-Assisted Photo-Luminescence of Colloidal Germanium NanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Fojtik, Anton; Muschik, Thomas; Walther, Thomas; Giersig, Michael

Electronic Coupling in Nanoscale InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Pairs Separated by a Thin Ga(Al)As SpacerThis result set contains:

Liu, Yao; Liang, Baolai; Guo, Qinglin; Wang, Shufang; Fu, Guangsheng; et al.

Electronic interaction in composites of a conjugated polymer and carbon nanotubes: first-principles calculation and photophysical approachesThis result set contains:

Massuyeau, Florian; Wéry, Jany; Duvail, Jean-Luc; Lefrant, Serge; Yaya, Abu; et al.

Electrospinning for nano- to mesoscale photonic structuresThis result set contains:

Skinner, Jack L.; Andriolo, Jessica M.; Murphy, John P.; Ross, Brandon M.

The energy transfer mechanism of a photoexcited and electroluminescent organic hybrid thin film of blue, green, and red laser dyesThis result set contains:

Li, Weiling; Zhang, Jing; Zheng, Yanqiong; Chen, Guo; Cai, Miao; et al.

Engineering Optical Activity of Semiconductor Nanocrystals via Ion DopingThis result set contains:

Tepliakov, Nikita V.; Baimuratov, Anvar S.; Gun’ko, Yurii K.; Baranov, Alexander V.; Fedorov, Anatoly V.; et al.

Enhanced and tunable photoluminescence of polyphenylenevinylenes confined in nanocomposite filmsThis result set contains:

Posudievsky, Oleg Yu; Papakin, Mykhailo S; Boiko, Oleksandr P; Koshechko, Vyachesalv G; Pokhodenko, Vitaly D