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Hybrid assembled MEMS scanner array with large aperture for fast scanning LIDAR systemsThis result set contains:

Sandner, Thilo; Grasshoff, Thomas; Wildenhain, Michael; Schwarzenberg, Markus

Hybrid Si nanocones/PEDOT:PSS solar cellThis result set contains:

Wang, Hao; Wang, Jianxiong; Rusli, ᅟ

Hydrothermal Synthesis and Photocatalytic Property of β-Ga2O3 NanorodsThis result set contains:

Reddy, L. Sivananda; Ko, Yeong Hwan; Yu, Jae Su

The impact of thickness and thermal annealing on refractive index for aluminum oxide thin films deposited by atomic layer depositionThis result set contains:

Wang, Zi-Yi; Zhang, Rong-Jun; Lu, Hong-Liang; Chen, Xin; Sun, Yan; et al.

Improved optical limiting performance of laser-ablation-generated metal nanoparticles due to silica-microsphere-induced local field enhancementThis result set contains:

Du, Zheren; Chen, Lianwei; Kao, Tsung-Sheng; Wu, Mengxue; Hong, Minghui

Influence of crystal structure of nanosized ZrO2 on photocatalytic degradation of methyl orangeThis result set contains:

Basahel, Sulaiman N; Ali, Tarek T; Mokhtar, Mohamed; Narasimharao, Katabathini

An Ingenious Super Light Trapping Surface Templated from Butterfly Wing ScalesThis result set contains:

Han, Zhiwu; Li, Bo; Mu, Zhengzhi; Yang, Meng; Niu, Shichao; et al.