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Crystal growth from cluster to bulk materials via nanomaterialsThis result set contains:

Goubet, Nicolas; Pileni, Marie-Paule

Crystallographic orientation-dependent pattern replication in direct imprint of aluminum nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Yuan, Ying; Zhang, Junjie; Sun, Tao; Liu, Cong; Geng, Yanquan; et al.

Current–voltage characteristics of manganite–titanite perovskite junctionsThis result set contains:

Ifland, Benedikt; Peretzki, Patrick; Kressdorf, Birte; Saring, Philipp; Kelling, Andreas; et al.

Debye function analysis of nanocrystalline gallium oxide γ-Ga2O3 This result set contains:

Nikulina, Olga; Yatsenko, Dmitriy; Bulavchenko, Olga; Zenkovets, Galina; Tsybulya, Sergey

Density Functional Theory Study of Atomic Layer Deposition of Zinc Oxide on GrapheneThis result set contains:

Ali, Amgad Ahmed; Hashim, Abdul Manaf

Design High-Efficiency III–V Nanowire/Si Two-Junction Solar CellThis result set contains:

Wang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, D; He, S; Li, X

Design of a Circular Polarized Horn Antenna with an Anisotropic Metamaterial SlabThis result set contains:

Shi, Hongyu; Chen, Juan; Zhang, Anxue; Jiang, Yansheng