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Electron and heat transport in porphyrin-based single-molecule transistors with electro-burnt graphene electrodesThis result set contains:

Sadeghi, Hatef; Sangtarash, Sara; Lambert, Colin

Electron-stimulated purification of platinum nanostructures grown via focused electron beam induced depositionThis result set contains:

Lewis, Brett; Stanford, Michael; Fowlkes, Jason; Lester, Kevin; Plank, Harald; et al.

The eNanoMapper database for nanomaterial safety informationThis result set contains:

Jeliazkova, Nina; Chomenidis, Charalampos; Doganis, Philip; Fadeel, Bengt; Grafström, Roland; et al.

Enhanced THz EIT resonance based on the coupled electric field dropping effect within the undulated meta-surfaceThis result set contains:

Wang, Lan ; Guo, Xiaoqing ; Zhang, Yaxin ; Zhou, Xinlan ; Yuan, Lin ; et al.