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The effect of CuO modification for a TiO2 nanotube confined CeO2 catalyst on the catalytic combustion of butaneThis result set contains:

Yao, Guansheng; Wu, Liangpeng; Lv, Tai; Li, Juan; Huang, Yanqin; et al.

Effect of Nano Zeolite on the Transformation of Cadmium Speciation and Its Uptake by Tobacco in Cadmium-contaminated SoilThis result set contains:

Hu, Qiulong; Zeng, Wei-ai; Li, Fan; Huang, Yanning; Gu, Songsong; et al.

The effect of the withdrawal speed on properties of nickel oxide thin filmsThis result set contains:

Kayani, Zohra Nazir; Aslam, Atiqa; Ishaque, Rabia; Zahra, Syeda Nosheen; Hanif, Hifza; et al.

Effects of an 11-nm DMSA-coated iron nanoparticle on the gene expression profile of two human cell lines, THP-1 and HepG2This result set contains:

Zhang, Ling; Wang, Xin; Zou, Jinglu; Liu, Yingxun; Wang, Jinke

Effects of architectures and H2O2 additions on the photocatalytic performance of hierarchical Cu2O nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Deng, Xiaolong; Zhang, Qiang; Zhao, Qinqin; Ma, Lisha; Ding, Meng; et al.