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Impact of program/erase operation on the performances of oxide-based resistive switching memoryThis result set contains:

Wang, Guoming; Long, Shibing; Yu, Zhaoan; Zhang, Meiyun; Li, Yang; et al.

In2O3 Nanotower Hydrogen Gas Sensors Based on Both Schottky Junction and Thermoelectronic EmissionThis result set contains:

Zheng, Zhao Qiang; Zhu, Lian Feng; Wang, Bing

Inductive crystallization effect of atomic-layer-deposited Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 films for ferroelectric applicationThis result set contains:

Zhang, Xun; Chen, Lin; Sun, Qing-Qing; Wang, Lu-Hao; Zhou, Peng; et al.

Influence of crystal structure of nanosized ZrO2 on photocatalytic degradation of methyl orangeThis result set contains:

Basahel, Sulaiman N; Ali, Tarek T; Mokhtar, Mohamed; Narasimharao, Katabathini

Interactions of graphene and graphene oxide with proteins and peptidesThis result set contains:

Zhang, Yan; Wu, Congyu; Guo, Shouwu; Zhang, Jingyan

Investigating the immunomodulatory nature of zinc oxide nanoparticles at sub-cytotoxic levels in vitro and after intranasal instillation in vivo This result set contains:

Saptarshi, Shruti R; Feltis, Bryce N; Wright, Paul FA; Lopata, Andreas L

Investigation of Nanocrystalline Materials Using Radioactive IsotopesThis result set contains:

Wichert, Th.; Wolf, H.; Guan, Z.; Li, X.