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Synthesis of vitamin E succinate catalyzed by nano-SiO2 immobilized DMAP derivative in mixed solvent systemThis result set contains:

Chen, Dan ; Li, Binglin ; Li, Bin ; Zhang, Xiaoli ; Wei, Longhui ; et al.

Synthetic routes to magnetic nanoparticles for MPIThis result set contains:

Kratz, Harald; Eberbeck, Dietmar; Wagner, Susanne; Taupitz, Matthias; Schnorr, Jörg

Thermodynamics of optically assisted desorption of oxygen from TiO 2 nanoparticle surfaceThis result set contains:

Salis, Marcello; Ricci, P. Carlo; Anedda, Alberto

Thin film encapsulation for organic light-emitting diodes using inorganic/organic hybrid layers by atomic layer depositionThis result set contains:

Zhang, Hao; Ding, He; Wei, Mengjie; Li, Chunya; Wei, Bin; et al.

Toxicological effect of TiO2 nanoparticle-induced myocarditis in miceThis result set contains:

Hong, Fashui; Wang, Ling; Yu, Xiaohong; Zhou, Yingjun; Hong, Jie; et al.

Transparent and flexible capacitors based on nanolaminate Al2O3/TiO2/Al2O3 This result set contains:

Zhang, Guozhen; Wu, Hao; Chen, Chao; Wang, Ti; Yue, Jin; et al.

Vanadia supported on nickel manganese oxide nanocatalysts for the catalytic oxidation of aromatic alcoholsThis result set contains:

Adil, Syed F; Alabbad, Saad; Kuniyil, Mufsir; Khan, Mujeeb; Alwarthan, Abdulrahman; et al.