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Optical integrated chips with micro and nanostructures for refractive index and SERS-based optical label-free sensing This result set contains:

Liu, Liu; Jin, Mingliang; Shi, Yaocheng; Lin, Jiao; Zhang, Yuan; et al.

Optical Yagi-Uda nanoantennasThis result set contains:

Maksymov, Ivan S.; Staude, Isabelle; Miroshnichenko, Andrey E.; Kivshar, Yuri S.

Patterning technique for gold nanoparticles on substrates using a focused electron beamThis result set contains:

Noriki, Takahiro; Abe, Shogo; Kajikawa, Kotaro; Shimojo, Masayuki

Photoluminescent nano-sized ternary and quaternary complexes of thorium(IV)This result set contains:

Baranwal, B. P.; Jain, A. K.; Varma, A.; Singh, A. K.; Fatma, T.

Plasmonic gas and chemical sensingThis result set contains:

Tittl, Andreas; Giessen, Harald; Liu, Na

Porous Ag/TiO2-Schottky-diode based plasmonic hot-electron photodetector with high detectivity and fast responseThis result set contains:

Gao, Xu Dong ; Fei, Guang Tao ; Xu, Shao Hui ; Zhong, Bin Nian ; Ouyang, Hao Miao ; et al.