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Innovative plasmonic nanostructures as biosensor for DNA detectionThis result set contains:

Cialla, D.; Weber, K.; Popp, J.; Hübner, U.; Schneidewind, H.; et al.

Investigation of Nanocrystalline Materials Using Radioactive IsotopesThis result set contains:

Wichert, Th.; Wolf, H.; Guan, Z.; Li, X.

Iron-Platinum Alloy Nanoparticles for Guidewire and Resonant Markers for Catheter Localization during Interventional MRIThis result set contains:

Rube, Ma; Cox, Bf; Gueorguieva, M; Kakchingtabam, D; Andre, P; et al.

Kontrollierte biochemische Synthese auf Metall/Halbleiter-Nanostrukturen / Controlled Biochemical Synthesis on Metal/Semiconductor NanostructuresThis result set contains:

Altebäumer, Thomas; Kern, Dieter; Ehlich, Rudolf; Hörber, Heinrich; Raschke, Markus; et al.

Label-free NIR-SERS discrimination and detection of foodborne bacteria by in situ synthesis of Ag colloidsThis result set contains:

Chen, Longyan; Mungroo, Nawfal; Daikuara, Luciana; Neethirajan, Suresh

Luminescent tracks of high-energy photoemitted electrons accelerated by plasmonic fields This result set contains:

Vece, Marcel DI; Giannakoudakis, Giorgos; Bjørkøy, Astrid; Tang, Wingjohn

Metal-induced energy transferThis result set contains:

Gregor, Ingo ; Chizhik, Alexey ; Karedla, Narain ; Enderlein, Jörg

Micro-Raman Scattering of Nanoscale Silicon in Amorphous and Porous SiliconThis result set contains:

Periasamy, Sangeetha; Venkidusamy, Sasirekha; Venkatesan, Ragavendran; Mayandi, Jeyanthinath; Pearce, Joshua; et al.

mVCAM-1 specific iron oxide nanoparticles based probes for multimodal imaging purposesThis result set contains:

Rimkus, G.; Grüttner, C.; Bremer-Streck, S.; Herrmann, K.-H.; Krumbein, I.; et al.