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Nanomaterials for cancer therapiesThis result set contains:

Zhou, Qing; Zhang, Li; Wu, Hong

Nanomedicine in diabetes – Recent developmentsThis result set contains:

Krol, Silke

Nanoparticle-functionalized microcapsules for in vitro delivery and sensingThis result set contains:

Carregal-Romero, Susana; Ochs, Markus; Parak, Wolfgang J.

Nanoparticles of Titanium and Zinc Oxides as Novel Agents in Tumor Treatment: a ReviewThis result set contains:

Bogdan, Janusz; Pławińska-Czarnak, Joanna; Zarzyńska, Joanna

Nanosized silver (II) pyridoxine complex to cause greater inflammatory response and less cytotoxicity to RAW264.7 macrophage cellsThis result set contains:

Paul, Avijit; Ju, Hee; Rangasamy, Sabarinathan; Shim, Yumi; Song, Joon Myong

Nanostructures: between natural environment and medical practiceThis result set contains:

Trovato, Maria Concetta; Andronico, Daniele; Sciacchitano, Salvatore; Ruggeri, Rosaria Maddalena; Picerno, Isa; et al.

Neurotoxocity, nephrotoxicity, and hepatotoxicity of copper-based nanoparticles: potential implications in molecular medicine and neurosciencesThis result set contains:

Pantic, Senka ; Radojevic Skodric, Sanja ; Loncar, Zlatibor ; Pantic, Igor

Non-invasive Imaging of Tissue-Engineered Vascular Endothelium with Iron Oxide NanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Frese, J.; Hrdlicka, L.; Mertens, M. E.; Rongen, L.; Koch, S.; et al.

The oxidative potential of differently charged silver and gold nanoparticles on three human lung epithelial cell typesThis result set contains:

Schlinkert, Paul; Casals, Eudald; Boyles, Matthew; Tischler, Ulrike; Hornig, Eva; et al.