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Green synthesis and characterization of zero-valent iron nanoparticles using stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) leaf extractThis result set contains:

Ebrahiminezhad, Alireza; Zare-Hoseinabadi, Alireza; Berenjian, Aydin; Ghasemi, Younes

Green synthesis and stabilization of earthworm-like gold nanostructure and quasi-spherical shape using Caesalpinia sappan Linn. extractThis result set contains:

Chartarrayawadee, Widsanusan; Too, Chee O.; Ross, Sukunya; Ross, Gareth M.; Jumpatong, Kanlaya; et al.

Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles using quail egg yolk and investigation of potential application areasThis result set contains:

Nadaroglu, Hayrunnisa; Ince, Selvi; Gungor, Azize Alayli

High Temperature Properties of a SiCN Derived Si 3 N 4> + SiC Micro/NanocompositeThis result set contains:

Dusza, J.; Kasiarová, M.; Vysocká, A.; Spaková, J.; Sajgalík, P.

Invertase-nanogold clusters decorated plant membranes for fluorescence-based sucrose sensorThis result set contains:

Bagal-Kestwal, Dipali; Kestwal, Rakesh Mohan; Chiang, Been-Huang

Mechanical properties of MDCK II cells exposed to gold nanorodsThis result set contains:

Pietuch, Anna; Brückner, Bastian Rouven; Schneider, David; Tarantola, Marco; Rosman, Christina; et al.

Multidimensional effects of biologically synthesized silver nanoparticles in Helicobacter pylori, Helicobacter felis, and human lung (L132) and lung carcinoma A549 cellsThis result set contains:

Gurunathan, Sangiliyandi; Jeong, Jae-Kyo; Han, Jae Woong; Zhang, Xi-Feng; Park, Jung Hyun; et al.