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Effect of intercalant types on the properties of melt blended metallocene polyethylene/metallocene polyethylene-g-silane/clay nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Chen, Wen-Chih; Liu, Jung-Liang; Lai, Sun-Mou; Tang, Shi-Xian; Tai, Horng Jer; et al.

Effect of organoclay impurities on mechanical properties of EVA-layered silicate nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Bellucci; Camino, G.; Frache, A.; Ristori, V.; Sorrentino, L.; et al.

The effect of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) on proliferation and apoptosis of in ovo cultured glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) cellsThis result set contains:

Urbańska, Kaja; Pająk, Beata; Orzechowski, Arkadiusz; Sokołowska, Justyna; Grodzik, Marta; et al.

Facile synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Averrhoa bilimbi L and Plum extracts and investigation on the synergistic bioactivity using in vitro modelsThis result set contains:

Sagadevan, Suresh ; Vennila, Selvaraj ; Singh, Preeti ; Lett, Jayasingh Anita ; Johan, Mohd Rafie ; et al.

Fe-carbon nanoreactors obtained from molasses as efficient catalysts for limonene oxidationThis result set contains:

Wróblewska, Agnieszka; Makuch, Edyta; Młodzik, Jacek; Michalkiewicz, Beata

Functionalization of α-synuclein fibrilsThis result set contains:

Povilonienė, Simona; Časaitė, Vida; Bukauskas, Virginijus; Šetkus, Arūnas; Staniulis, Juozas; et al.

Green sonochemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles at varying concentrations of κ-carrageenanThis result set contains:

Elsupikhe, Randa Fawzi; Shameli, Kamyar; Ahmad, Mansor B; Ibrahim, Nor Azowa; Zainudin, Norhazlin

Green synthesis and antimicrobial activity of ZnO nanostructures Punica granatum shell extractThis result set contains:

Karaköse, Ercan; Çolak, Hakan; Duman, Fatih