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Functionalization of α-synuclein fibrilsThis result set contains:

Povilonienė, Simona; Časaitė, Vida; Bukauskas, Virginijus; Šetkus, Arūnas; Staniulis, Juozas; et al.

Gold-coated lanthanide phosphate nanoparticles for an 225 Ac in vivo alpha generatorThis result set contains:

Mclaughlin, M. F.; Woodward, J.; Boll, R. A.; Rondinone, A. J.; Mirzadeh, S.; et al.

Graphite oxide-MOF hybrid materialsThis result set contains:

Bandosz, Teresa J.

High-speed electrical sliding wear behaviors of Cu-WS2-graphite-WS2 nanotubes compositeThis result set contains:

Qian, Gang; Feng, Yi; Zhang, Jing-Cheng; Wang, Yang; Zhang, Tian-Ci; et al.

High Temperature Properties of a SiCN Derived Si 3 N 4> + SiC Micro/NanocompositeThis result set contains:

Dusza, J.; Kasiarová, M.; Vysocká, A.; Spaková, J.; Sajgalík, P.

Hot plasmonic electrons for generation of enhanced photocurrent in gold-TiO2 nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Brennan, Lorcan J; Purcell-Milton, Finn; Salmeron, Aurélien S; Zhang, Hui; Govorov, Alexander O; et al.