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Magnetic nanocatalysts: supported metal nanoparticles for catalytic applicationsThis result set contains:

Rossi, Liane M.; Costa, Natália J.S.; Silva, Fernanda P.; Gonçalves, Renato V.

The Major and Minor Relaxations in Polymeric Ni-Zn-Cu-Co Complex Nanocomposite SystemsThis result set contains:

Akbulut, S.; Şentürk, E.; Köseoğlu, Y.

Manufacturing of aluminium composite materials: A reviewThis result set contains:

Abdulrahman, Kamardeen O.; Akinlabi, Esther T.; Mahamood, Rasheedat M.

Material removal processes for metal matrix compositesThis result set contains:

Singh, Inderdeep; Chaitanya, Saurabh; Kumar, Ravinder

Mechanical alloying of CuFe-alumina nanocomposite: study of microstructure, corrosion, and wear propertiesThis result set contains:

Baghani, Mohammad; Aliofkhazraei, Mahmood; Seyfoori, Amir; Askari, Mehdi

Mechanical and thermal properties of PLA/halloysite bio-nanocomposite films: effect of halloysite nanoclay concentration and addition of glycerolThis result set contains:

Othman, Siti Hajar; Hassan, Nurhafiqa; Talib, Rosnita A.; Kadir Basha, Roseliza; Risyon, Nazratul Putri

Mechanical characterizations of braided composite stents made of helical polyethylene terephthalate strips and NiTi wiresThis result set contains:

Zheng, Qingli ; Dong, Pengfei ; Li, Zhiqiang ; Han, Xinwei ; Zhou, Changchun ; et al.

Mechanical properties of Ni-nano-Al2O3 composite coatings on AISI 304 stainless steel by pulsed electrodepositionThis result set contains:

Jegan, Annamalai; Venkatesan, Rajamanickam; Arunachalam, Ramanathan

Metal matrix composites for thermal managementThis result set contains:

Molina Jordá, José Miguel