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Surface magneto plasmons and their applications in the infrared frequencies This result set contains:

Hu, Bin; Zhang, Ying; Wang, Qi Jie

Towards nano-scale photonics with micro-scale photons: the opportunities and challenges of mid-infrared plasmonicsThis result set contains:

Law, Stephanie; Podolskiy, Viktor; Wasserman, Daniel

Tunable magnetism on the lateral mesoscale by post-processing of Co/Pt heterostructuresThis result set contains:

Dobrovolskiy, Oleksandr; Kompaniiets, Maksym; Sachser, Roland; Porrati, Fabrizio; Gspan, Christian; et al.

Weld line behaviour of exfoliated and toughened polypropylene layered silica nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Şen, Sinan; Ersoy, Osman G.; Nugay, Turgut; Nugay, Nihan