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Reduced graphene oxide/carbon double-coated 3-D porous ZnO aggregates as high-performance Li-ion anode materialsThis result set contains:

Wi, Sungun; Woo, Hyungsub; Lee, Sangheon; Kang, Joonhyeon; Kim, Jaewon; et al.

SERS Detection of Dopamine Using Label-Free Acridine Red as Molecular Probe in Reduced Graphene Oxide/Silver Nanotriangle Sol SubstrateThis result set contains:

Luo, Yanghe; Ma, Lu; Zhang, Xinghui; Liang, Aihui; Jiang, Zhiliang

Spectroscopic investigation of defects in two-dimensional materialsThis result set contains:

Wu, Zhangting; Ni, Zhenhua

Study on adsorption and desorption of ammonia on grapheneThis result set contains:

Zhang, Zhengwei; Zhang, Xinfang; Luo, Wei; Yang, Hang; He, Yanlan; et al.

A zeta potential value determines the aggregate’s size of penta-substituted [60]fullerene derivatives in aqueous suspension whereas positive charge is required for toxicity against bacterial cellsThis result set contains:

Deryabin, Dmitry G; Efremova, Ludmila V; Vasilchenko, Alexey S; Saidakova, Evgeniya V; Sizova, Elena A; et al.