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Recent advances in “bioartificial polymeric materials” based nanovectors This result set contains:

Conte, Raffaele; Luca, Ilenia De; Valentino, Anna; Salle, Anna Di; Calarco, Anna; et al.

Self-assembly of kraft lignin into nanospheres in dioxane-water mixturesThis result set contains:

Li, Hao; Deng, Yonghong; Wu, Haisong; Ren, Yuan; Qiu, Xueqing; et al.

Smart Nanoparticles Based on Hyaluronic Acid for Redox-Responsive and CD44 Receptor-Mediated Targeting of TumorThis result set contains:

Park, Hyung-Kyu; Lee, Sang Joon; Oh, Jong-Suk; Lee, Sam-Gyu; Jeong, Young-IL; et al.

Solid lipid nanoparticles encapsulating a fluorescent marker (coumarin 6) and antimalarials – artemether and lumefantrine: evaluation of cellular uptake and antimalarial activityThis result set contains:

Attama, Anthony A.; Kenechukwu, Franklin C.; Onuigbo, Ebele B.; Nnamani, Petra O.; Obitte, Nicholas; et al.

Stereocomplex micelle from nonlinear enantiomeric copolymers efficiently transports antineoplastic drugThis result set contains:

Wang, Jixue; Shen, Kexin; Xu, Weiguo; Ding, Jianxun; Wang, Xiaoqing; et al.

Ultrasound-induced doxorubicin release from folate-targeted and non-targeted P105 micelles: a modeling studyThis result set contains:

Martins, Ana M.; Tanbour, Rafeeq; Elkhodiry, Mohammed A.; Husseini, Ghaleb A.